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4 Really Cool Features of the Handlebar Bag

  • 2 min read

4 Really Cool Features of the Handlebar Bag

Every detail on our Handlebar Bag has a purpose. 

We hear it all the time – our Handlebar Bag has a lot going on. And we like it that way, in fact, it was intentional. Route Werks was started by a team of product designers who are passionate about bikes, so every little detail about the bag has a purpose. Whether you've been riding with one for a while or are still debating whether or not you actually need one, here are a few of our favorite little details.


1. The Purpose of the Side Pockets
Yeah, they're small and they seem hard to get in to...but hear us out. That little hook is actually designed to be opened and closed with one hand while on the go. Try opening those pockets with just one finger, we bet you'll figure it out now that we told you ;) 

Bonus tip: Use these pockets for gel wrappers to keep the inside of your bag free of the dreaded stickiness.


2. Shock Cord Colors
Did you know the shock cord on the outside of your bag is interchangeable? With a little bit of patience, you can swap it out for any color you'd like to get the most custom design for your bag. While you can find similar shock cord from a few different places, we recommend the 1/8" Shock Cord or 2.5mm Shock Cord from Paracord Planet as they're the closest in size and functionality to what comes on your bag.

3. Don't use the carrying strap? Take it off.
As with the rest of our Handlebar Bag, it's almost entirely user serviceable. If you never use the carrying strap and find it getting in the way of your storage flow, you can remove it in 30 seconds by simply backing the four bolts out *slightly* from the inside of the bag. Remove the knots from inside the accessory rail and you're free of the strap. Be sure to tighten those bolts back down when you're done!

4. Get Power on the Go
Supplying power to your devices on the really long rides is really important. We’ve made it easy to pass a wire from a battery pack inside the bag to your device on top by leaving a small gap between the lid and the hoop.