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Out Front Mount

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Out Front Mount

Going for a quick ride? The Out Front Mount creates the same familiar access to all your important tech in a compact and rugged design.

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Tech Mounts

Tech Mounts - Bar Fly®- Garmin® - $5.57

Tech Mounts

Tech Mounts - Bar Fly® - Wahoo® - $5.57

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Tech Mounts - Quad Lock® Integrated - $23.07

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Tech Mounts - SP Connect® - $24.47


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Bike Mount

Bike Mount - $23.07

Bike Mount Adaptor - 25.4mm

Bike Mount Adaptor - 25.4mm - $11.17

Bike Mount Adaptor - 26.0mm

Bike Mount Adaptor - 26.0mm - $11.17


Accessory Mounts

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Handlebar Stub

Handlebar Stub - $8.37

Action Mount

Action Mount - $13.27


The trusty sidekick

Using the same Bike Mount & Bar Fly Tech Mount or Quad Lock Integrated Mount as your Handlebar Bag, quick, tool-free swaps between long and short rides are now a reality. Add the Action Mount to your Out Front Mount for limitless accessory options with anything using an action-cam 3-prong mount.

* Requires a Bike Mount to attach to your bars (sold separately). If you already own Handlebar Bag, then you are all set.



  • extruded, machined, anodized aluminum
  • stainless steel hardware


  • 66g/2.3oz


  • 70mm x 77.5mm x 50mm/2.76in x 3.05in x 1.97in
  • (1) red/black anodized aluminum Out Front Mount
  • (2) M4 x 0.7 x 8mm stainless steel, nylon patch FHCS, black finish

Frequently Asked Questions

We've designed our Out Front Mount to accommodate modern cycling computers and smartphones without interfering with the controls or other parts of the bike. The Out Front Mount uses the same technology mounts on the Handlebar Bag.