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Tech Mounts

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Tech Mounts

**FREE WITH BLACK OR OLIVE BAG Whether you want to listen to some tunes or track your ride, we have a mount for your preferred technology.

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Bar Fly - Garmin

  • Material - nylon
  • Weight - 4g/0.14oz

Bar Fly - Wahoo

  • Material - nylon
  • Weight - 5g/0.18oz

Bar Fly Tech Adaptor

  • (1) Bar Fly Garmin Tech Adaptor or
  • (1) Bar Fly Wahoo Tech Adaptor

Quad Lock

  • (1) Quad Lock Integrated Head Unit 
  • (1) RW Quad Lock Adaptor Chip
  • (1) M5 x 0.8 x 20mm stainless steel, nylon patch FHCS

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quad Lock Integrated Mount sold on our site differs from other Quad Lock products. It includes addiitonal parts required to adapt Quad Lock to Route Werks products.

The MAG series mount is not recommended for cycling use, per Quad Lock. However, the MAG series case is safe to use with the original Quad Lock Integrated Mount sold on our website.

Quad Lock provides several mounting options for most modern smartphone models. For the options available for your device, visit Quad Lock. In most instances, the are Standard, MAG and Universal options.

Bar Fly has created several mounts for most major cycling computer brands. We have Garmin and Wahoo available in our shop. For other available styles, visit Bar Fly.