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Bike Mount

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Bike Mount

**Included with each Handlebar Bag.
The base of the Route Werks Ecosystem. Fits 31.8mm, round handlebars or 26.0 & 25.4 handlebars with our Bike Mount Adaptors (sold separately)

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Our ultra-compact proprietary mount & the heart of the Route Werks System. The Bike Mount is designed to fit 31.8mm handlebars out of the box. Add our Bike Mount Adaptors if you have 26.0 or 25.4mm handlebars (sold separately). Purchase an additional Bike Mount to more easily share a single Handlebar Bag or Out Front Mount between several bikes.  


  • (1) Bike Mount (fits 31.8mm, round handlebars)
  • (4) M4 x 0.7 x 18mm stainless steel, nylon patch SHCS, black finish



  • anodized, extruded, machined aluminum
  • stainless steel hardware


  • 69g / 2.4oz


  • 61mm x 69.5mm x 55mm / 2.4in x 2.7in x 2.1in

Frequently Asked Questions

**One Bike Mount is included with each Handlebar Bag. Our Bike Mount is designed to fit 31.8mm handlebars out of the box. We also fit 25.4mm and 26.0mm diameter bars using our Bike Mount Adaptors.

Combination stem/bar (Integrated) & aero drop bars are of growing popularity. However, their designs, shape, and construction vary greatly. After speaking with many major brands, these bars are not designed to take clamping forces. These factors, coupled with the load rating of our bag, create far too many safety concerns for us to create a mount for this style of bar.