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The Essential Bundle

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The Essential Bundle

This bundle gives you everything to get started with Route Werks.

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This bundle gives you everything to get started with Route Werks. The Handlebar Bag, a Handlebar Stub for a light or bell, and your choice of a Tech Mount for your cycling computer (Garmin* or Wahoo) or Phone**. 

*Hammerhead Karoo2 users select Garmin
**phone requires compatible case from Quad Lock® or SP Connect®


  • (1) Handlebar Bag in the color of your choice (includes Bike Mount)
  • (1) Handlebar Stub for your light or bell
  • your choice of (1) Tech Mount



  • exterior fabric - 500d PU-coated Cordura
  • interior fabric - 220d gridstop nylon
  • polymer lid
  • machined, anodized aluminum hardware


  • 145mm x 235mm x 153mm / 5.8in x 9.3in x 6in
  • Volume: 3.2L
  • Weight (bag + bike mount) - 684g
  • Max carry capacity: 4kg / 9lbs


  • Bag & Bike Mount - 684g / 1.50lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Bar Fly has created several mounts for most major cycling computer brands. We have Garmin and Wahoo available in our shop. For other available styles, visit Bar Fly.

**One Bike Mount is included with each Handlebar Bag. Our Bike Mount is designed to fit 31.8mm handlebars out of the box. We also fit 25.4mm and 26.0mm diameter bars using our Bike Mount Adaptors.

Combination stem/bar (Integrated) & aero drop bars are of growing popularity. However, their designs, shape, and construction vary greatly. After speaking with many major brands, these bars are not designed to take clamping forces. These factors, coupled with the load rating of our bag, create far too many safety concerns for us to create a mount for this style of bar.

The Quad Lock Integrated Mount sold on our site differs from other Quad Lock products. It includes addiitonal parts required to adapt Quad Lock to Route Werks products.

The MAG series mount is not recommended for cycling use, per Quad Lock. However, the MAG series case is safe to use with the original Quad Lock Integrated Mount sold on our website.

Quad Lock provides several mounting options for most modern smartphone models. For the options available for your device, visit Quad Lock. In most instances, the are Standard, MAG and Universal options.

Due to the wide variety of shapes & construction techniques of this type of handlebar, Route Werks does not recommend our products to be used on carbon fiber handlebars. Such use is done at the user's risk, and Route Werks is not responsible for any damage or injury to person or property resulting from such use.

The short answer is no. Our bags are made of durable, water-repellent materials to protect your essentials. However, these bags are sewn goods, which keeps us from saying they’re completely waterproof. We recommend using a small dry bag if you are taking something that cannot get wet.

Due to frame size, component pairings, and placement, we may not fit certain bikes. Our Bag fits most bikes with a rigid fork, round, 31.8mm diameter handlebars (25.4 & 26.0mm w/ adapters, sold separately), 50.5mm - 69.5mm of available clamping space, and at least 170mm of clearance from the top of the handlebar to top of the front wheel.

Such use will typically damage the Handlebar Stub's anti-rotation feature. We do not recommend using such a setup and any usage of this type will void the warranty.

In most of our testing, we found that the narrowest drop bar that will accommodate a Handlebar Stub is a 38cm bar. This can vary based on bike setup, preferred hand position, accessory size, plus numerous other factors.

The Handlebar Stub is 31.8mm in diameter.