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Action Mount

Action Mount

Don't miss a moment of your amazing adventures or light up a nighttime ride using the Action Mount. Sturdy 3-prong design holds your light, action camera or 3-prong accessory on the Out Front Mount or Handlebar Bag.

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Capture your amazing adventures or light up a ride using the Action Mount.

This sturdy aluminum mount makes an amazing companion for your Handlebar Bag or Out Front Mount. Allows attachment of most lights or cameras that use a 3-prong style mount.

**Due to variations in light and camera system mount dimensions, some shimming may be required. 


  • (1) 3-prong Action Mount
  • (2) M4 x 0.7 x 8mm stainless steel, nylon patch FHCS, black finish
  • (1) M5 x 0.8 x 16mm stainless steel, nylon patch BHCS, black finish



  • extruded, machined,anodized aluminum
  • stainless steel hardware


  • 14g/0.5oz


  • 46mm x 38mm x 19mm/ 1.81in x 1.50in x 0.75in

Frequently Asked Questions

The Action Mount can accommodate most 3-prong featured accessories. This includes most action cameras (GoPro) and some headlight models. Can be used on The Handlebar Bag (1) & Out Front Mount (up to two).

Provided with each Action Mount is an M4 bolt for attaching accessories. This bolt provides the most secure attachment. We do not recommend using thumbscrews for accessory mounting as it does not provide adequate clamping force for larger accessories on rough terrain.

** 3-prong accessory mount sizes vary. Additional shims may be required.